Five Summer Garden Tips

As we approach the hottest part of the year, we are giving you five Summer Garden Tips to help make a better place to put the BBQ.

  1. Regular cutting of the lawn is better off for your garden in the summer, do it little and often to thicken the grass and to help keep it healthy. Keep the grass a little longer in mid-summer when temperatures are at their hottest.
  2. Annual flowers are the easiest plants to grow. Within 3 months of sowing, an annual will be in full bloom. Once they have flowered, dead-head them regularly which will spur the plant on to produce more flowers in a attempt to produce more seed.
  3. Used coffee grounds, or egg shells are a great way to stop slugs and snails eating your seedlings. Make sure replenish them when it rains!
  4. If you’re using a terracotta pot, it’s a smart idea to line it with plastic or an empty compost bag with holes punched in the bottom before planting as these types of pots absorb water.
  5. Attracting birds to your garden will help to keep insect pests down. During summer many people forget the birds because they think there’s enough food around for them. If the ground hardens due to prolonged hot weather then birds will actually find it difficult to find food so if you supply some bird feed it will help them.

We hope this helps but if you need to a reliable, local professional to make your garden a nicer place to be in then look in our business directory for a Gardener 🙂

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